2017年 5月25日分

①Trial of Cannabidiol for Drug-Resistant Seizures in the Dravet Syndrome

②Levosimendan for Hemodynamic Support after Cardiac Surgery

③Levosimendan in Patients with Left Ventricular Dysfunction Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

④Oil-Based or Water-Based Contrast for Hysterosalpingography in Infertile Women


①,Drug-Resistant Seizures,薬剤抵抗性てんかん
①,Dravet Syndrome,ドラベ症候群
①,childhood epilepsy disorder,小児てんかん障害
①,high mortality rate,高い死亡率
①,mg per kilogram of body weight per day,mg/kg/日
①,oral solution,経口液
①,antiepileptic treatment,てんかん治療
①,convulsive-seizure frequency,痙攣性てんかん発作の頻度
①,14-week treatment period,14 週間の投与期間
①,The median frequency of convulsive seizures per month,1 ヵ月あたりの痙攣性てんかん発作の頻度の中央値
①,adjusted median difference between the cannabidiol group and the placebo group in change in seizure frequency,カンナビジオール群とプラセボ群とのあいだの変化の中央値の補正後の差
①,seven-category Caregiver Global Impression of Change scale,7 段階の介護者による全般的印象改善度(CGIC)
①,The patient’s overall condition improved by at least one category on the seven-category Caregiver Global Impression of Change scale in 62% of the cannabidiol group as compared with 34% of the placebo group (P=0.02). ,全身状態が,7 段階の介護者による全般的印象改善度(CGIC)で 1 段階以上改善した患者の割合は,カンナビジオール群では 62%であったのに対し,プラセボ群では 34%であった(P=0.02).
①,nonconvulsive seizures,非痙攣性てんかん発作
①,The percentage of patients who became seizure-fre,発作が抑制されていた患者の割合
①,abnormal results on liver-function tests,肝機能検査異常
①,patients with the Dravet syndrome,ドラベ症候群患者
①,There were more withdrawals from the trial in the cannabidiol group.,試験中止例はカンナビジオール群のほうが多かった.
②,Hemodynamic Support,循環補助
②,Cardiac Surgery,心臓手術
②,Acute left ventricular dysfunction,急性左室機能不全
②,a major complication of cardiac surgery,心臓手術の重大な合併症
②,small trials,小規模試験
②,"a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial",多施設共同無作為化二重盲検プラセボ対照試験
②,patients in whom perioperative hemodynamic support was indicated after cardiac surgery,心臓手術後に周術期循環補助が適応となる患者
②,in a continuous infusion,持続静注で
②,according to prespecified criteria,事前に規定した基準に基づき,
②,30-day mortality,30 日死亡率
②,The trial was stopped for futility,試験は無益性のため中止された
②,durations of mechanical ventilation,人工呼吸器装着時間
②,ICU stay,ICU 在室時間
②,"(median, 19 hours and 21 hours, respectively; median difference, ?2 hours; 95% CI, ?5 to 1; P=0.48)",(中央値それぞれ 19 時間と 21 時間,差 -2 時間,95% CI -5~1,P=0.48)
②,hospital stay,入院期間
②,cardiac arrhythmias,不整脈
②,Italian Ministry of Health,イタリア保健省
③,Patients with Left Ventricular Dysfunction,左室機能不全患者
③,Patients with Left Ventricular Dysfunction Undergoing Cardiac Surgery,心臓手術を受ける左室機能不全患者
③,inotropic agent,強心薬
③,small studies,小規模試験
③,low cardiac output syndrome,低心拍出量症候群
③,left ventricular ejection fraction,左室駆出率
③,cardiac surgery with the use of cardiopulmonary bypass,人工心肺を用いた心臓手術
③,"(at a dose of 0.2 μg per kilogram of body weight per minute for 1 hour, followed by a dose of 0.1 μg per kilogram per minute for 23 hours)",(0.2 mg/kg/分を 1 時間,次に 0.1 mg/kg/分を23 時間投与)
③,death through day 30,30 日目までの死亡
③,renal-replacement therapy through day 30,30 日目までの腎代替療法
③,perioperative myocardial infarction through day 5,5 日目までの周術期心筋梗塞
③,use of a mechanical cardiac assist device through day 5,5 日目までの機械的心臓補助装置使用
③,four-component composite,4 項目の複合
③,our-component primary end point,4 項目の主要エンドポイント
③,The rate of adverse events did not differ significantly between the two groups.,有害事象の発現率に群間で有意差は認められなかった.
③,use of a mechanical cardiac assist device,機械的心臓補助装置使用
③,rate of the short-term composite end point,短期複合エンドポイント
④,Oil-Based Contrast,油性造影剤
④,Water-Based Contrast,水性造影剤
④,water-soluble contrast,水性造影剤
④,Infertile Women,不妊女性
④,Pregnancy rates,妊娠率
④,contrast medium,造影剤
④,potential therapeutic effect,治療効果の可能性
④,expectant management,妊娠指導
④,intrauterine insemination,子宮腔内授精
④,ongoing pregnancy,妊娠継続
④,the intention-to-treat principle,intention-to-treat の原則
④,according to the intention-to-treat principle,intention-to-treat の原則に基づいて
④,oil contrast,油性造影剤
④,water contrast,水性造影剤
④,rate ratio,率比
④,had live births,生児を出産した
④,Rates of ongoing pregnancy,妊娠継続率
④,Rates of live births,生児出産率